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  • Why I Insist People Use the Forums and Issue Trackers

    From time to time I come across people who are frustrated when I insist that they use the forums and the issue trackers to communicate with me regarding the project. Instead of having to explain my reasoning over and over again, I thought it would be valuable to post it here. When I first started […]

  • 2021 Financial Report

    Revenue Bitcoin: $2,340.12 Google Play: $546.85 Stripe: $209.32 PayPal: $121.29 Google AdMob: $101.16 Patreon: $73.28 Amazon: $10.30 Total revenue: $3,402.32 Bitcoin revenue comes from Bitcoin donations. Google Play revenue comes from selling the standard flavor on Google Play. Stripe revenue comes from Liberapay donations. PayPal comes from Liberapay and from direct donations. Google AdMob revenue […]

  • Privacy Cell 1.8.1

    Privacy Cell 1.8.1 has been released. A bug was fixed that caused notifications to be re-enabled when the network changed. The dialog boxes now use a dual-toned violet text color in the Night theme. In the Day theme the headers are darker (further away from the background color). In the Night theme the headers are […]

  • Privacy Cell 1.8

    Privacy Cell now includes the status of the voice network when determining the overall security of the cell network. The overall network security level is set to be lowest of either the data or the voice network. Previously, it was set just on the status of the data network. With this change, both the voice […]

  • WordPress Twenty Twenty-Two Theme

    The website has been updated to the recently released Twenty Twenty-Two theme. By default it wanted to use JavaScript to open and close the navigation menu, like in the past, but because this theme is more configurable that any of the previous official WordPress themes, it allowed me to redesign the site so that it […]

  • Privacy Cell 1.7

    Privacy Cell 1.7 has been released. It includes a new, more serious warning, when connecting to older, antiquated networks. Almost all 2G networks have been decommissioned. There is also an option to consider 3G networks to be antiquated, as they are in the process of being decommissioned. There is also a new Protocols Activity, which […]

  • Privacy Cell 1.6

    Privacy Cell 1.6 has been released. After the release of Privacy Cell 1.5, I realized that two permissions were added to the app in addition to those specified in the manifest file. After some investigation, I discovered that this was caused by, which was added as part of Privacy Cell 1.4 to fix issues […]

  • Privacy Cell 1.5

    Privacy Cell 1.5 has been released. It fixes a bug that caused the app to crash if realtime monitoring was enabled and the READ_PHONE_STATE permission was denied. This release bumps the target API to 31 (Android 12), which enables the NR_ADVANCED additional network info type. It also includes the first full French translation contributed by […]

  • Privacy Cell 1.4

    Privacy Cell 1.4 has been released. It fixes problems with the realtime notification being disabled or killed in the background as well as a problem with the wrong notification sound playing if the network is secure when the notification first launches. Troubleshooting the realtime notification problems required creating a logcat activity. This release contains the […]

  • Privacy Cell Maintenance Mode

    With the release of Privacy Cell 1.3, all the planned features have been implemented. At this point, Privacy Cell development is entering maintenance mode (unless some fancy new feature request comes along). Future releases will contain bug fixes, translations, and updates for compatibility with future Android versions.