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Category: Privacy Browser PC Roadmap

  • Privacy Browser PC 0.1

    Privacy Browser PC 0.1 was released on 11 March 2023. It is the culmination of a lot of work, but just the beginning what is needed to get Privacy Browser PC to the stage where it can create some serious browser competition on PCs. Users are encouraged to read the Handbook (press F1 inside the…

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  • Stoutner Will Never Sell Privacy Browser to a Scummy Company

    I received the following email this morning: To the Founder of Privacy Browser, Greetings to Arizona! I’m Charlie, the founder of Appflip – A Broker for mobile apps that helps communications app owners sell their app for a maximum exit value. My team flagged Privacy Browser because of your 4,2 star rating and your 312…

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  • Privacy Browser Android 3.13

    Privacy Browser 3.13 was released on 30 December 2022. It fixes a crash caused by Privacy Browser sometimes trying to calculate the scroll position when the WebView doesn’t exist. There is no way I can think of that should cause this to happen, but crash logs indicate it does (gotta love Android). It also fixes…

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  • Privacy Browser PC Codebase

    We have reached a stage in the development of Privacy Browser PC where I have finished my preparations and it is time to start working on the codebase, which will be built using C++ on the Qt and KDE Frameworks toolkits. The code can be access through GitWeb. There are also instructions on the main…

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  • Privacy Browser PC Roadmap

    Originally I was planning on finishing the 3.x series of Privacy Browser Android before starting work on Privacy Browser for other platforms. However, I feel the need from both my users and myself to speed up development of Privacy Browser for the PC. Accordingly, with the release of Privacy Browser 3.8, I am going to…

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