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  1. Hello I have been using privacy browser for quite a while and first I want to say thank you I really like it alot however Im trying to figure something out. Since I updated privacy browser to version 3.2 it seems as though almost every webpage pops up with “ssl certificate errors” “this certificate is not trusted” and that includes this website as well as protonmail, amazon, craigslist and many others. I had never had these warnings show up on these pages before. I also tried the same pages with firefox focus and I wasnt prompted with any warning so I wasnt sure what was going on I thought maybe it was a bug? So I decided to downgrade privacy browsers version through fdroid. it showed installed version 3.2 and suggested version 3.0 but said downgrade failed and crashed fdroid I started fdroid again and installed privacy browser version 3.0 (which is what I am currently using) but now fdroid shows installed 3.0 and the suggested is 3.2 and now im still getting the same ssl certificate errors with this version as well I dont know if this is the right place to post this and I dont know if it even has anything with your app but I figured Id say something and so far I have been unable to find any information anywhere else

    1. Frequent SSL certificate errors usually mean that someone is trying to intercept the traffic between your device and the webserver, either with a piece of malware installed on your device or through a Man In The Middle attack on the network. You can usually tell more about what is going on by looking at the details of the SSL error. You should post a screenshot of one of these errors on the forum at

  2. Hi there, I just downloaded this application, and it seems fantastic so far, but for some reason if i try to download an image my phone won’t display it. I’ve tried just downloading it, and using another app, too. I’m not sure what I can do to fix it, but beside that this the app is fantastic! Thanks for putting so much into it.

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