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Comments may be made on the forums (Privacy Browser Android, Privacy Browser PC, Privacy Cell) and on Mastodon. Comments are encouraged, but I require that they be kept civil. Specifically, comments that use foul language or attack any member of the community will be edited or deleted.

Comments used to be enabled on the WordPress site, but the volume of spam reached the point where there were over a thousand spam comments for every real one, so I have disabled them. I have chosen to leave the historical comments as they may be helpful for some people.

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2 responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. Jasper Carrott

    “…To prevent spam, I have set WordPress to not allow comments without moderation unless the poster has a previous comment that has already been approved, which is determined by matching the name with the email and IP addresses (not publicly visible) of previous comments…”

    Unfortunately, not everyone accesses the Internet by means of an ISP which assigns static IP addresses to its clients! Many ISPs assign temporary IP addresses on a session by session basis, and possibly even changing, or “rotating”, IP addresses during a session. Thus, it will be possible that two entirely different people will be assigned the same IP address, and, as your browser gains popularity, it will become increasingly possible that two different people will visit your website, but be allocated the same IP address!

    Just thought that you might want to puzzle over that detail.

    1. Soren Stoutner

      That’s OK. That just means that future comments by that person will need to await moderation before posting.