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  • Stoutner Will Never Sell Privacy Browser to a Scummy Company

    I received the following email this morning: To the Founder of Privacy Browser, Greetings to Arizona! I’m Charlie, the founder of Appflip – A Broker for mobile apps that helps communications app owners sell their app for a maximum exit value. My team flagged Privacy Browser because of your 4,2 star rating and your 312…

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  • Privacy Cell Maintenance Mode

    With the release of Privacy Cell 1.3, all the planned features have been implemented. At this point, Privacy Cell development is entering maintenance mode (unless some fancy new feature request comes along). Future releases will contain bug fixes, translations, and updates for compatibility with future Android versions.

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  • Initial Roadmap

    The first version of Privacy Cell is about to be released, and I felt it would be helpful to write a brief roadmap to let people know where it is going. The initial release contains basic functionality. The 1.1 release will add detailed descriptions for each of the network types, so that it is easier…

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