Switching to Startpage As the Default Homepage and Search Engine

Last year, with the release of Privacy Browser 2.12, I changed the default search engine and homepage from DuckDuckGo to Searx. With the release of Privacy Browser 3.2, I am changing it again. Of all the search engines I have seen, I like the structure and philosophy of Searx the most. It is open source […]

Minimizing Privacy Browser’s Attack Surface

Every piece of software as complex as a browser that receives unsanitized information from the internet will eventually be compromised. How often that happens and how damaging the compromises are can be mitigated through a careful design process. Some information about decreasing the damage that a compromise can inflict is discussed on the Core Privacy […]

Problems with WebView and Proxying Through Orbot

Update: It turns out that there was a change in the WebView commands for proxying beginning in WebView 74. The fix is included in Privacy Browser 3.2. Several recent versions of WebView have had problems with proxying. This has manifested most recently with WebView 74.0.3729.136 on Android Marshmallow (version 6.0, API 23) or newer. When […]

Cookies and Tabbed Browsing

Anyone who has been following these posts for a while has noticed the running thread of limitations caused by Android’s WebView, which is why the 4.x series is going to include a forked version called Privacy WebView. While developing tabbed browsing I discovered that first-party cookies are enabled/disabled by app, while third-party cookies are enabled/disabled […]