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Changelog and Downloads

Privacy Browser PC is currently an alpha release. Users are encouraged to read the Handbook (press F1 inside the program). As described in the roadmap, it is currently missing some important features, but it is provided for download as some features are already usable and testing and feedback is appreciated.

Privacy Browser is part of Debian, and can often be installed in Debian-derived Linux distributions. Direct downloads are also provided below or you can browse the release directory. These files are signed by my GPG key: Soren Stoutner <> 24A5 4DDB 2354 6679 5CA8 E23E C2E7 CB27 AEB0 B603.

Privacy Browser currently only runs on Linux. A Windows-compatible version will be added in the beta releases.

0.4source, source signaturedeb, deb signature – released 13 June 2023

0.3source, source signaturedeb, deb signature – released 8 May 2023

0.2source, source signaturedeb, deb signature – released 17 April 2023

0.1Source, Source signatureDeb, Deb Signature – Released 11 March 2023
  • Initial release.

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