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Principal Developer

Privacy Browser is primarily developed by Soren Stoutner.


Kévin L.: French
Bernhard G. Keller: German
Francesco Buratti: Italian
Jose A. León: Spanish

All contributors must sign a code submission agreement assigning copyright to Soren Stoutner.

Code submission agreements are recommended by the Free Software Foundation. The text of the code submission agreement is a modified version of an example provided by Richard Stallman.

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2 responses to “Contributors”

  1. Gordon Crippen

    Please help I have bean cell hacked going on 5 years I’ve tried everything and know I find out there is a fake cell tower (famtocell) in my house. The local police don’t believe me. Help please.

    1. Soren Stoutner

      As per the comment policy, this would not be the correct place to ask such a question. The forums would be a better venue to discuss the topic.

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