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Category: Privacy Browser Android Roadmap

  • Discontinuation of Privacy Browser Free

    For a long time I have considered removing the free flavor of Privacy Browser. I originally created it because I assumed that some people would like to try out the features of Privacy Browser before making a purchase. And some people have used it in that way. But, over time, I have become increasingly uncomfortable […]

  • Privacy Browser PC Roadmap

    Originally I was planning on finishing the 3.x series of Privacy Browser Android before starting work on Privacy Browser for other platforms. However, I feel the need from both my users and myself to speed up development of Privacy Browser for the PC. Accordingly, with the release of Privacy Browser 3.8, I am going to […]

  • 3.x Series Roadmap

    The release of Privacy Browser 2.17 marks the end of the 2.x series (unless a serious bug is discovered that needs to be addressed). The 3.0 release will implement the long awaited tabbed browsing. Following that, all other features that can be implemented without Privacy WebView will makeup the body of the 3.x series. At […]

  • February 2018 Roadmap

    It isn’t my intention to publish an update to the roadmap every February. Rather, it just so happens that the project has crossed a major milestone and it is appropriate to update everyone on what to expect next. And it also just so happens that it is February again. With the release of Privacy Browser […]

  • 2.x Series Timeline Forum

    There is a forum topic for discussion of the timeline for the 2.x release series.  Feel free to contribute to the discussion.

  • Updated Priorities in the Issue Tracker

    I updated the priorities of the issues in Redmine to match the February 2017 roadmap. The priorities carry the following meanings. High applies to the first half of the 2.x series.  All these will be implemented (except for those waiting on a third-party fix) before the addition of the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE dangerous permissions. Medium […]

  • February 2017 Roadmap

    I thought it would be valuable to lay down a development roadmap. 2.0 – Automatic loading of privacy settings by domain. 2.x – Cleanup of small bugs and polishing. 2.x – SSL certificate pinning. 2.x – Addition of READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions. Encrypted import, export, and sync of settings. Download file location option. Allow uploading […]