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3.x Series Roadmap

The release of Privacy Browser 2.17 marks the end of the 2.x series (unless a serious bug is discovered that needs to be addressed). The 3.0 release will implement the long awaited tabbed browsing. Following that, all other features that can be implemented without Privacy WebView will makeup the body of the 3.x series. At any time, users can see which features are planned for the next release and the list of all remaining features for the 3.x series.

With the 4.x series, the plan is to create a rolling fork of Android’s WebView, called Privacy WebView, that will add missing privacy features. Once the 4.x series is implemented, I plan to start working on Privacy Browser for other platforms. My initial thought is that I can develop it using the Qt framework and QtWebEngine, which will allow me to use one code base for Linux, Windows, and macOS. However, I will do a deeper investigation of the options and make a final decision when we get closer to that point.

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12 responses to “3.x Series Roadmap”

  1. Lack of tabbed browsing is the only thing keeping me from using this great browser all the time. Thanks for all you effort!

  2. In my opinion, Privacy Browser has the potential to become the best privacy-focussed browser available for Android. I’m excited about this project.

    • You can get a good sense of how close the next update is to being released by looking at the status of the remaining items planned for the next release in You can also take a look at what has been committed to the Git repository since the last release.