Principal Developer

Privacy Browser is primarily developed by Soren Stoutner.


Thomas Jensen
Hendrik Knackstedt


Thiago Nazareno Conceição Silva de Jesus: Brazilian Portuguese
Kévin L.: French
Bernhard G. Keller: German
Francesco Buratti: Italian
Jose A. León: Spanish

Past Translators

Stefan Erhardt: German
Aaron Gerlach: German

All contributors must sign a code submission agreement assigning copyright to Soren Stoutner.

Code submission agreements are recommended by the Free Software Foundation. The text of the code submission agreement is a modified version of an example provided by Richard Stallman.


  1. ## I LOVE the Privacy Browser!!! Have used it in and off for years!

    ## Was lurking here out of boredom, stumbled upon the copyright thingy (up there) and thought, this is the first time Ive seen copyright + foss married perfectly (anyone who says this doesnt work I can just refer here! )

    ## Anyway I wanted to thank you and your team of devs for all of your time energy and time, and energy and time dollars and time!

    ## As someone who is only now (after decades of dabbling ) learning code, and as someone whose great friend speaks C and 40 other languages, [(between me breaking stuff to learn how to fix stuff to learn how to break stuff) && [(my friend constantly coding)] I assure you I have a great appreciation, for the lack of appreciation and recognition, you devs get.

    ## Moving forward, I also saw your final update to stop support for this.
    If you must, ok. But my recommendation is: dont.

    Paintings and programs often differ in the sense that after their creator dies, at least a painting has a chance to become priceless and put in a museum, no dice for programs albeit the how eloquently constructed each kb of code is, albeit how talented the artist is whose paintbrush is the commandline.

    …oh, and they also differ for ppl like me, in the sense: I dont lose sleep if xartists’s xpainting goes missing from a museum, but craps their pants if one of their fav programs does the same. (wait, not goes missing from a museum, …deleted, er, ….you get what Im sayin I hope.)

    (craos my pants because of level of appreciation+would totally suck if great programs like yours disappeared. …computer programs, like great paintings, few have the talent to command the simple tools, a brush, a cursor, with the dexterity and complexity that both artists (programmer/painter) use.

    ps I wanted to make this sound more inspiring and awesomer than this probably sounds, sorry for that)

    Thanks again always and best wishes always too!

    1. I’m not sure I understand what you are referring to in relation to a final update to stop support for Privacy Browser. To the contrary, development is going well and my hope is to start dedicating myself to Privacy Browser full time next year.

  2. How are Monocles and Privacy Browser related. The are both on F-droid and look very similar but appear to have different developers.

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