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Hello Soren,
registering to your bug tracker system did not work (confirmation mail never arrived). In version 3.0.1 the “websearch” from the contextmenu does not work. When selecting a text and launch “websearch” nothing happens. Please fix.
Yours cincerly

Thanks for the bug report. It has been fixed and will be included in the next release.
Regarding Redmine’s email confirmation, your email server’s spam filtering is blocking it at the SMTP layer. Here is the error I see in my email server log:
T=remote_smtp defer (-46): SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451 Suspicious message, please come back later
They may be greylisting the message, in which case it will eventually come through. Otherwise, you might want to contact them and ask that they improve their system.

There are no words to explain the high regard for the developer. This browser has all the ‘pluses’ that lack in other big-brother browsers. It is PERFECT and the only one I trust on my phone… Vielen Dank!

I just stumbled upon this browser and i have to say: It.Is.Great! Thank you so much.
But is there a bug with the browsing history? It just gets deleted every time i close the browser, even tho i do everything in the options to “save” the history. Do i miss something?

Thank you for your reply :). I understand the concept now (should have read the whole thing beforehand ;P )
I read webnovels (on 2 domains) and to navigate to the exact chapter and keep track of the chapter-number everytime I want to read something sounds really annoying tbh.
But I still like your browser 🙂 thanks for your hard work!

That is a use case that Privacy Browser does not currently do a good job of dealing with. I will have to think about it for a while to see if I can come up with a good solution.

Hi. Currently your nice browser has “Proxy through Orbot” option. But there is no similar option for i2p network ! I suggest to you to add new option: “Proxy through i2p”.

Please implement a javascript whitelist/blacklist per-site, kinda like NoScript
This would allow to block many unwanted popups while still browsing content on websites who require javascript
Also open a a proper issue section, forcing users to use forum-like forms doesn’t seem the best idea 🙁

First thanks for a wonderful browser, in my older devices that do not support Firefox, PB works exceptionally well! Also I love how you write your thought process when making decisions, I have made a lot of learning thanks to your posts.
One question though, is it possible to delete cookies BUT not the ones from specific domains? I have a couple websites I would like to keep the cookies from, while deleting the rest. Is it possible with current we view support? Thanks.


Tried to register in to fill a feature request but never got an activation email. Tried twice and even clicked the “if you want to receive a new activation email click here”. Never worked. Is anything wrong with registration at this time?

The feature request I was going to post about was to allow to have automatic url modification based on domain. My use case would be Invidious.

Would become this for example:

Or some other options that they have available. As of right now I am forced to use either cookies or Javascript to use their website properly. I believe other websites can also be improved with this feature. The way I see it shouldn’t be necessary to have Privacy View before this is possible (since the URL is already being manipulated at browser level to disable facebook tracking and such).


For most people, the built in Android download manager is sufficient. However, due to some bugs with the Android download manager on some devices, I have implemented an option to use an external download manager of the user’s choice. You can read more about this at and As described at, part of my design philosophy is to reuse standard Android functionality as much as possible. As such, it is unlikely that I will implement my own download manager because the investment in time would be significant and would detract from the development of core Privacy Browser features.

Feature request : Batch Domain Deletion

Exporting settings exports Domain settings with Bookmarks. There is no way to export Bookmarks and Domains seperately.

Soren, I found [long press bookmark to open in background] feature very useful.
I request you to add a feature [swipe a bookmark right to left, to get these options 1. open this bookmark in this tab 2. open this bookmark in background tab in privacy browser 3. open this bookmark in any other app.]
This feature will make Privacy Browser overall app for bookmarks for an android.

I can see a lot of problems with a swipe left or right interface, both with the bookmarks drawer, which closes with a swipe, and also the swipe navigation in Android 10.

Hello Stoutner, I have another feature request which is related to Requests [in Navigation].
Can you add a search feature in Requests list.
This feature will be useful for me if I want to download a video uploaded on youtube.
I want to download a video {} uploaded by Soren Stoutner. I will search [play] in the Request list to find [https://r1—….]
Does that channel belongs to you.
Swiping over a bookmark in the same direction to bring bookmark drawer in the front can slide that bookmark and shows three options as in Gmail.

In the future, when you have feature requests you should add them on In this case, I have added it for you at

Regarding swipe functionality in list views, it is possible to do, but there is added complexity due to it being in a drawer, plus additional complexity with the swipe navigation gestures added in stock Android 10, plus additional complexity with different implementations of navigation gestures added by different OEMs. I am generally not in favor of UIs that do something different than what the user is expecting it to do. So, if you have an interface that a small percentage of the time the user does something expecting one result, but something different happens, I consider that unacceptable. Given all the potential complexities of a swipe interface in a list view inside of a drawer on Android 10, I don’t think I would even be willing to consider looking at how much work it would take to get it right unless there were a feature request filed at that had multiple users’ comments expressing how useful of a feature it would be for them.

Feature Request: Ability to explore .pbs file in order to import some bookmarks without losing current bookmarks.
Creating account is not easy and useful for me.

tell me how to disable WebRTC in the browser, with Java script turned on, so that there is no leak ip?
I searched, but could not turn off the WebRTC
about:config is not working.

History should contain all links visted including all redirects!

When I visited to download a file, it redirected me to… and again to any other site. But link isn’t shown in the History.

hi Soren – i’ve been using PB for a few years and just wanted to thank you for your work

when i choose software, one of the more important considerations is the ethics of the developer and yours seem to be quite robust

i just happened upon your article regarding your refusal to monetize the Startpage search engine and this further reinforced my belief that i made the right decision when choosing PB

thank you for caring

Hi, Privacy Browser prompts {The certificate authority is not trusted} for each media link from an website having untrusted certificate (
It would be better if the Browser show a small red rectangle at the bottom with a counter.
Tapping that counter can show a list of links with Allow/Cancel option. Again tapping a link should show description of that link.

Pinned SSL certificate option worked for me! ?

I’ve taken a lot of space here, tried to create account but not received any activation email.

Visiting sites with untrusted certificates is a significant security issue, so you should be prompted every time. However, if you know you trust the site, you can pin the certificate in Domain Settings, as you mentioned, and the error will no longer appear. You can also import the certificate into the Android certificate store and trust it at the OS level, and then you will no longer receive SSL certificate errors for that certificate.

Regarding registration emails, does not allow registration. If you are speaking about, typically the issue I have seen with users not getting registration emails is that their email provider is blocking the emails from the registration system as spam. If such is the case, I would recommend creating an account with an email address from a different email provider.

The place to report bugs and make feature requests is not here but at Regarding the MP3 file, it downloads just fine on my device. Load the URL, open the options menu, tap Page > Save > Save URL.

I am not sure what you are referencing with the download editor. However, you can paste any link you want into the Save URL dialog.

Regarding text in the URL box, please leave any comments you may have at

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