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Privacy Browser PC 0.4

Privacy Browser PC 0.4 was released on 13 June 2023. A setting was added to enable or disable spatial navigation, which is the ability to navigate between links and input fields using the arrow keys. There is some discussion about this feature on Fosstodon. Given that some people find this feature annoying, I decided to release 0.4 with this option and the other features that had already been implemented.

Some people will want it one way and some people the other.

There is now an option to reload and bypass the cache.

Do not pass go. Do not collect . . . cache.

A crash was fixed that manifested if several Privacy Browser windows were open and one was closed while it was loading a tab. The root of this problem was that the favorite icon loading animation continued to play after the icon it was displayed in had been destroyed, causing general system consternation.

The Handbook now has information about commands that are initiated with a combination of keyboard keys and mouse clicks.

It’s like all those secret video games combos.

I am planning to implement bookmarks for the next release.

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