Programs that respect your privacy

Spammers Have No Shame

I just received the following email with the subject line of “Programs that respect your privacy”.

Soren – 

Seemingly not talked about enough, it’s amazing how much of our information is out there controlling us.
I noticed that you currently aren’t showing ads on stoutner. I was wondering if this is a conscious decision or just something that hasn’t come up yet.
If you knew how much you could earn and could do so while maintaining your user experience, would you be interested in exploring monetization for your site?

This email was sent individually to you. I personally visited your website and thought it would be a great fit for our website testing platform. You are not part of an email list, however, if you would prefer to not receive any more emails like this one from me, please visit | Ezoic Inc. 6023 Innovation Way 2nd Floor Offices, Carlsbad, CA, 92009

Obviously, this email didn’t merit a response. But it does deserve a spot on the wall of shame (right here). I mean, he (or probably his bot, irrespective of what he actually says) even spent enough time to see that my landing page talks about how having our information stolen can be used to control us. Right before he suggested I put ads on my website to steal everyone’s information.

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