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2022 Financial Report

  • Google Play: $510.63
  • Stripe: $375.11
  • PayPal: $354.13
  • Patreon: $122.89
  • Amazon: $3.10

Total Revenue: $1,365.86

Google Play revenue comes from selling the standard flavor on Google Play. Stripe revenue comes from Liberapay donations. PayPal comes from Liberapay and from direct donations. Patreon revenue comes from Patreon donations. Amazon revenue comes from selling the standard flavor on the Amazon AppStore.

I currently have .30703 mBTC (milliBitcoin) valued at $5.20 and .013943777 BCH (Bitcoin Cash) valued at $14.60. At present values, they aren’t worth the fees involved in cashing them out.

The total revenue is down compared to last year, although, if you look at revenue from all sources besides Bitcoin, it is up.

Install Base

Privacy Browser’s active devices on Google Play are down, but I am not too worried about it. This year I will release an alpha version of Privacy Browser PC (Linux) and next year I intend to release a beta version of Privacy Browser PC (Linux and Windows). That should raise Privacy Browser’s profile significantly. If 1 million people purchase the paid version of Privacy Browser Android, that should fund development for a long time.

Not only does it go up and down, but Google retroactively edits historical data because (I assume) they are trying to decide how much of it represents bots instead of real people.

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