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  • Why I Insist People Use the Forums and Issue Trackers

    From time to time I come across people who are frustrated when I insist that they use the forums and the issue trackers to communicate with me regarding the project. Instead of having to explain my reasoning over and over again, I thought it would be valuable to post it here. When I first started…

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  • Mojeek Blog Post

    Mojeek recently wrote a blog post about Privacy Browser Android. I thought it would be interesting to share some thoughts both about Mojeek and about how that post came to be published. I have joked before that selecting a default search engine in Privacy Browser is like trying to find a good Defense Against the…

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  • WordPress Twenty Twenty-Two Theme

    The website has been updated to the recently released Twenty Twenty-Two theme. By default it wanted to use JavaScript to open and close the navigation menu, like in the past, but because this theme is more configurable that any of the previous official WordPress themes, it allowed me to redesign the site so that it…

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  • Privacy Browser PC Codebase

    We have reached a stage in the development of Privacy Browser PC where I have finished my preparations and it is time to start working on the codebase, which will be built using C++ on the Qt and KDE Frameworks toolkits. The code can be access through GitWeb. There are also instructions on the main…

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  • Privacy Browser PC Roadmap

    Originally I was planning on finishing the 3.x series of Privacy Browser Android before starting work on Privacy Browser for other platforms. However, I feel the need from both my users and myself to speed up development of Privacy Browser for the PC. Accordingly, with the release of Privacy Browser 3.8, I am going to…

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