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  • Privacy Browser 3.6.1

    Privacy Browser 3.6.1 was released with fix for a bug that caused View Source to crash on release builds. Because most of my devices are running debug builds it took a while before I was able to reproduce the bug. The root cause was that ProGuard, which removed unneeded methods in release builds to make […]

  • Privacy Browser 3.6

    This release fixes a bug that allowed buffered audio to continue to play when a tab was closed. There is a similar bug that I have a hard time reproducing that has similar symptoms, but includes the favorite icon for the closed tab being displayed on a remaining tab. If anyone is able to reproduce […]

  • Bug in Android’s Spinner Touch Parser

    I received an email from a user pointing out a scrolling bug that sometimes manifests in the Domain Settings activity. After looking into it, it appears that Android’s touch parsing isn’t very smart about touches and swipes when they are over spinners (the drop down boxes). Usually, a finger must touch and then lift off […]

  • Let’s Encrypt ISRG Root X1 and Privacy Browser

    23 December 2020 Update: Let’s Encrypt decided this wasn’t a smart idea, and extended the expiration date until 2024. So, for this immediate scenario, these instructions are no longer necessary. However, I will leave them up for people who are interested in the details of how to add a certificate authority to Android. On January […]

  • Saved Instance State

    Beginning with Privacy Browser 3.5, the app now saves and restores the instance state if killed in the background by the OS. For those who might not be aware of the abomination that is memory management on Android, I would point you to the picture below, which was taken from the official Android Lifecycle documentation. […]

  • Privacy Browser 3.5.1

    Privacy Browser 3.5.1 contains two important bug fixes relating to the the new Day/Night theme and how Privacy Browser now handles being restarted by the OS. The first fixes a problem with the intents (links from other apps) not opening if Privacy Browser was restarted in the background by the OS. Privacy Browser would restore […]

  • Privacy Browser 3.5

    Privacy Browser 3.5 has been released. It switches to using Android’s relatively new Day/Night theme, which constitutes the largest UI change since the original Privacy Browser was released. This fixes a longstanding bug with alert dialogs in the dark theme, makes the app font colors easier on the eye in dark mode, and fights burn-in. […]

  • Privacy Browser Will Never Monetize the Default Search Engine

    This morning I received the following email. Hi Soren, I hope all is well. I’m Chris – CMO at Startpage and I came across your Privacy Browser as I was looking into F-Droid. I saw Startpage on the screenshots on assume you’re a fan and wanted to reach out to hear what you think […]

  • Liberapay Account

    F-Droid turned me on to Liberapay, which is similar to Patreon, but with a focus on open source principles. As such, it is right up my alley. I have created a Liberapay account and listed it on the Donations page.

  • New WordPress 2020 Theme

    The theme for the website has been updated from WordPress Twenty Nineteen to Twenty Twenty. Overall I like the effect. The only downside I have seen so far is that the menu doesn’t work if JavaScript is disabled. Someday, if I have some free time, I might contribute to the WordPress project to fix that. […]