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Privacy Browser Android 3.13.4

Privacy Browser Android 3.13.4 was released on 27 March 2023. The timing of this release was dictated by a fix to a problem introduced in 3.13.3. That release fixed a serious bug that sometimes caused the active tab to not be the current tab when the app was restarted, which meant that doing things like enabling JavaScript on the current tab would actually enable it on a different tab. In fixing that problem a new one was introduced, which caused the app to crash if it was restarted through an intent that didn’t create a new tab (like tapping the icon in the launcher) and then the user attempted to do something like change the URL of the current tab without switching tabs first. This was caused because, instead of setting the wrong tab to be active, no tab was sometimes set to be active in these circumstances.

Two other changes had already been queued up and were included in this release. The first was the addition of a monochrome icon that users can opt to use beginning in Android 13.

Cute kids! Also, some people like icons that are all the same color.

The minimum API was bumped to 24 (Android 7) because Google has cut off WebView updates for older versions of Android. This means that devices running Android 6 (the previous minimum API) will not be able to update to 3.13.4.

Now that Privacy Browser PC 0.1 has been release I intend to spend a little more time working on Privacy Browser Android. I expect this to be the last release of the 3.13 series, with the next version being 3.14.

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