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Privacy Browser Android 3.13.2

Privacy Browser Android 3.13.2 was released on 6 February 2023. It adds a Simplified Chinese translation provided by Xin.

When I started working on Privacy Browser, my principle intention was to protect against mega corporations like Google and Facebook, who like to track all users across the web, even those who have never created accounts with those companies. I thought that protection against repressive governments was a secondary benefit that a few people would appreciate.

Since then, times have changed. A large portion of the communication I receive from users relates to desires to evade espionage of repressive regimes, particularly for those engaged in the struggle for human rights. This Simplified Chinese translation, which is the version of Chinese used in mainland China, is representative of the increase of focus in this regard.

I am very honored to play any part I can in the furtherance of human rights around the world. However, I am cognizant of the limitations of what a browser can do when confronted with the resources of an overreaching government, particularly one that operates the local ISPs and which is not afraid to use violence. Never underestimate the convincing power of a $5 wrench.

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