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  • Security and Privacy Canary

    A new section of the website has been added that contains an annual security and privacy canary statement. Privacy Browser is not yet at a stage where a canary statement is necessary, but if it becomes successful, and is used by as many people as I expect it will be, there will come a point […]

  • Privacy Browser 1.9 and 1.9.1

    Privacy Browser 1.9 and 1.9.1 have been released. Version 1.9.1 fixes a small problem that caused 1.9 to fail to build on F-Droid. Privacy Browser 1.9 includes a German translation provided by Aaron Gerlach. Maintaining a translation requires a lot of work and I am grateful to Aaron for his contributions. Privacy Browser 1.9 also […]

  • August 2016 Security and Privacy Canary

    Backdoors During the previous year, Stoutner has received 0 requests from governments or organizations to insert backdoors into Privacy Browser. During the previous year, Stoutner has inserted 0 backdoors into Privacy Browser. Privacy During the previous year, Stoutner has received 0 requests from governments or organizations to weaken the privacy of Privacy Browser. During the […]

  • The “X-Requested-With” Header

    As mentioned is several places on this website and in the app, there are some negative implications of using Android’s WebView to render web pages in Privacy Browser. The purpose of this post is to describe one of these downsides, explain the mitigations that are currently being taken, and lay out thoughts for a more […]

  • Privacy Browser 1.8

    I have decided that I am going to make a regular habit of posting when a new version of Privacy Browser is released, detailing what users can expect from the new version and what I am working on for the subsequent release. The main feature in Privacy Browser 1.8 is a bookmark implementation. This is […]

  • Privacy Browser 1.7

    With the release of Privacy Browser 1.7, I felt it would be valuable to write a post explaining the motivation behind the design decisions and what is coming next. Privacy Browser 1.7 marks the single largest number of changed lines in the code since version 1.0 was released. It began as a need to create […]