Problems with Orbot

There is a bug with the most current version of Orbot (16.0.2-RC-1) that causes HTTP proxying to fail (HTTPS proxying works just fine). That means that webpages that begin with https:// will load just fine but webpages that begin with http:// will not.

I have filed a bug report with the developers of Orbot.

There are two workaround you can use until they release an update that fixes the problem.

  1. Downgrade to version 16.0.0-RC-2 of Orbot, which works fine.
  2. Enable Orbot’s VPN mode and disable Privacy Browser’s Orbot proxy setting.  Privacy Browser’s URL bar background will not be blue, but all traffic will be routed through Tor because of the OS level VPN. The potential downside to this workaround is that all the device’s traffic is being forced through Tor, which may not be desired.

Note that there was a separate bug that was fixed in Privacy Browser 2.11 that related to using Orbot.

2 Replies to “Problems with Orbot”

  1. Hey, why does Privacy Browser autocomplete URLs with http anyway, instead of https? Without that non-feature the Orbot bug wouldn’t bother in 99% of the cases anyhow. Could you fix that or is there a hidden option within the settings I didn’t see?

    Thanks a lot!

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