1. You can save cookies for specific websites? Why haven’t you lifted this as a feature before? This is something I’ve been wanting.

    1. This has been possible for quite a while. Basically, you just need to enable the storage of cookies via domain settings. Then, don’t do anything to delete them (for, by example, changing what Clear and Exit does).

      There is some discussion of this topic on XDA, along with a video showing how to do it. Note that currently there is a different bug that does not allow cookies to be saved when Incognito Mode is enabled.


      1. Ah. How about cookies from websites you temporarily allow? Do they get removed when the settings reverts back to its default setting?

        1. Android’s WebView does not allow some cookies to be deleted without deleting all cookies. However, cookies can only be accessed when they are enabled in the settings. So, if you temporarily enable cookies for a domain and then turn them off, they will be stored on the device. But the website will no longer be able to access them.

          Note that once Privacy WebView is released in the 4.x series this shortcoming will be overcome.


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