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Privacy Browser 3.10

Privacy Browser 3.10 has been released. This is the first release since the discontinuation of the free flavor, which was described in depth in a separate blog post.

The minimum API has been bumped to 23 (Android 6.0, Marshmallow). This was because Google stopped releasing security updates for Android System WebView on devices older than API 23, making it impossible to provide a secure browsing experience. At any point, you can see the lowest version of the OS that receives WebView updates by checking the list of variants on APKMirror. In the future, as WebView support drops older versions of Andriod, Privacy Browser will follow suit.

You can download WebView updates from here if you don’t want to use Google Play.

A bug was fixed when using a scrolling app bar on the bottom of the screen that sometimes caused it to not be able to scroll back onto the screen. As part of the fix, there is now an animation to the scrolling of the bottom app bar, which adds a delay that helps prevent jitter when pages are scrolled up and down too quickly.

Another bug was fixed that sometimes caused a new tab opened by an intent (from another app) to display the content of a previous tab.

DuckDuckGo has been removed as a search engine because it is no longer possible to search for images without enabling JavaScript, which is one of the requirements for a search engine to be included in Privacy Browser. As usual, upgrading to Privacy Browser 3.10 will not remove the currently selected search engine, even if it is DuckDuckGo. And for anyone who still wants to use it, they can continue to do so with the custom search engine option and the string below:
Ain’t got no images.

The two Yahoo search engine entries, one for JavaScript disabled and the other for JavaScript enabled, were combined becuase Yahoo now functions correctly with just one URL.

Internet Explorer has been removed from the list of user agents because it has been deprecated in Windows 11.

The links inside the app have been updated to adjust for changes to the website relating to Privacy Browser PC. Some redundant drawables have also been removed now that the minimum API is 23, as the tint color can be automatically changed between day and night mode.

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