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Privacy Browser 2.15.1

Privacy Browser 2.15.1 has been released. It is an emergency bug fix release that resolves a crash when opening a secondary activity on some devices.

Beginning with Privacy Browser 2.15, the drawer header padding is adjusted for phones with notches. The adjustment is calculated based on the height of the status bar every time the drawer moves (opens or closes). It turns out that on certain devices this creates a race condition where the new padding is applied to the header after the activity has been moved to the background and a new activity (like Settings, Guide, or About) has launched, causing a null object reference that crashes Privacy Browser. In my testing, this happens on certain devices running Android 5.0 and 5.1 (API 21 and 22) but not others, leading me to think the race condition might be caused by a combination of the OS settings and hardware speed.

The solution is to check that the views are not null before applying the new padding.

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