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  • Privacy Browser 2.4

    Privacy Browser 2.4 has been released. It adds a dark theme option. Originally I planned to do a completely black theme for AMOLED devices. However, as I worked on it, I didn’t like the way the black theme looked. Instead, I decided to go with a dark theme, which works well in low light scenarios. If there is […]

  • 2.x Series Timeline Forum

    There is a forum topic for discussion of the timeline for the 2.x release series.  Feel free to contribute to the discussion.

  • Privacy Browser 2.3

    Privacy Browser 2.3 has been released. It fixes a longstanding bug that caused redirects to be included in the WebView history. This made it difficult to use the back button to return to the previous website if there was one (or more) redirects that led to the current page. A feature has been added to […]

  • Updated Priorities in the Issue Tracker

    I updated the priorities of the issues in Redmine to match the February 2017 roadmap. The priorities carry the following meanings. High applies to the first half of the 2.x series.  All these will be implemented (except for those waiting on a third-party fix) before the addition of the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE dangerous permissions. Medium […]

  • Privacy Browser 2.2

    Privacy Browser 2.2 has been released. At the request of a user, an Incognito Mode was added, which deletes the cache and history after each webpage loads. This provides protection against someone acquiring a user’s device and being able to see which websites they have visited. Incognito Mode is disabled by default. The JavaScript enabled […]

  • Privacy Browser 2.1

    Privacy Browser 2.1 has been released. It fixes a crash on load introduced in version 2.0.1 if the homepage was set to be blank. When working with blank homepages, I also changed the default behavior so that the URL text box is selected and the keyboard is automatically displayed. A bug was fixed that prevented Privacy […]

  • Privacy Browser 2.0.1

    Privacy Browser 2.0.1 has been released. The primary impetus for this release is fixing the very annoying bug that caused domain settings to be loaded every time a URL was loaded even if the domain didn’t change. This almost completely destroyed the ability to set domain settings (JavaScript, Cookies, DOM Storage, etc.) on the fly. The current […]

  • Privacy Browser 2.0

    Privacy Browser 2.0 has been released. This version includes a new section in the navigation menu entitled “Domains”.  It allows custom settings to be assigned to individual domain names, which are loaded automatically with the domain. When leaving the domain, the default settings are reloaded. On tablets in landscape mode, a two-paned master/detail layout is used. On […]

  • February 2017 Roadmap

    I thought it would be valuable to lay down a development roadmap. 2.0 – Automatic loading of privacy settings by domain. 2.x – Cleanup of small bugs and polishing. 2.x – SSL certificate pinning. 2.x – Addition of READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions. Encrypted import, export, and sync of settings. Download file location option. Allow uploading […]

  • Privacy Browser 1.15

    Privacy Browser 1.15 has been released. A user submitted a bug showing how some web pages, like Twitter, store information in a cache that isn’t deleted through the normal cache deletion commands. It turns out that WebView has a secret cache stored in /data/data/com.stoutner.privacybrowser.standard/ app_webview/Service Worker/CacheStorage. I submitted a bug to Google requesting an API […]