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Standardizing International Pricing

Privacy Browser costs $1.00 USD on the Amazon AppStore and the Galaxy App Store. In countries that use different currencies, the amount is automatically converted using the current exchange rate. Up until this point, on Google Play I had set the amounts in local currencies to be whatever was the lowest round amount allowed in that currency. But that has become complicated to maintain as the value of local currencies change over time. Additionally, it made revenue from some parts of the world significantly less than others. For example, it made a purchase of Privacy Browser in India worth about $0.10 USD.

As such, I have decided to change the pricing policy on Google Play to set the default price to $1.00 USD and allow the system to automatically convert that into an equivalent amount in local currencies. This will have the effect of raising the price in some countries and lowering the price in others (like the United Kingdom).

As an interesting side note, Google has a strong preference for prices that end in .99, while I like prices that end in .00. When Google’s automatic system converts the price for other countries that also use USD, it converts $1.00 USD into $0.99 USD.

Notice the large variation of included taxes that countries impose.

Privacy Browser will continue to be available on F-Droid and directly from As an open-source program licensed under the GPLv3+, that is something that will never change.

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