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Privacy Browser 2.0

Privacy Browser 2.0 has been released. This version includes a new section in the navigation menu entitled “Domains”.  It allows custom settings to be assigned to individual domain names, which are loaded automatically with the domain. When leaving the domain, the default settings are reloaded.

On tablets in landscape mode, a two-paned master/detail layout is used. On smaller devices the domain list loads first, followed by the domain settings.

When visiting a domain with custom domain settings, the background of the URL text box and the favorite icon is set to light green.

Beginning in verison 1.15, Privacy Browser would automatically start Orbot if proxying through the Tor network. With version 2.0, Privacy Browser takes this to the next level by actually waiting for Orbot to connect before trying to load a website. I know, it’s amazing what technology can do.

Support for separate .onion homepage and search settings have been added, which are automatically used when proxying through Orbot. The default homepage is https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/.

Updated Spanish translations were provided by Jose A León. Updated Italian translations were provided by Francesco Buratti.

Because this release added two new activities for the domain settings, and because making any changes or additions to the activities in AndroidManifest.xml causes homepage icons for the app to be removed (why is that?), if you had a shortcut on your homepage you will have to recreate it after upgrading.

Following the previously published roadmap, the next few releases will consist of closing small bugs and polishing the overall look and feel of Privacy Browser.

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