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2018 Financial Report

Going forward, I thought it would be helpful to post a yearly financial report on the growth of Privacy Browser.

  • Google Play: $344.09
  • Google AdMob: $101.57
  • PayPal: $39.06
  • Bitcoin: $24.10
  • Amazon: $1.37

Total Revenue: $510.19

Google Play revenue comes from selling the standard flavor on Google Play. Google AdMob revenue comes from the display of ads in the free flavor, regardless of the distribution method. PayPal revenue comes mostly from selling the standard flavor on XDA Labs, although sometimes I also receive PayPal donations. Bitcoin revenue comes mostly from donations, although it is possible to purchase the standard flavor on XDA Labs using bitcoin. Amazon revenue comes from selling the standard flavor on the Amazon Appstore.

Install Base

Google Play reports some fairly detailed statistics about installations. The other distribution methods (F-Droid, XDA-Labs, the Amazon Appstore, and direct downloads from either do not track this information or provide only vague information. The screenshot below shows the installs of the standard flavor on active devices, which is defined as the “Number of Android devices that have been active in the past 30 days with the application installed”.

Unsurprisingly, even though there are far more installs of the free flavor, there are fewer active devices. This is because most users either decide they don’t like Privacy Browser, or they switch to using the standard flavor.

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