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Privacy Browser 2.2

Privacy Browser 2.2 has been released. At the request of a user, an Incognito Mode was added, which deletes the cache and history after each webpage loads. This provides protection against someone acquiring a user’s device and being able to see which websites they have visited. Incognito Mode is disabled by default.

The JavaScript enabled and JavaScript disabled search options have been combined into one entry. This better facilitates how these functions work now that Domain Settings have been added to Privacy Browser. For example, a user could set JavaScript to be disabled by default, but create a domain setting for that enables JavaScript. Setting the search engine to DuckDuckGo - JavaScript enabled will make it so that typing a search query in the URL bar will load the JavaScript enabled version of DuckDuckGo independent of the JavaScript settings in effect when the search is performed.

The erroneous sections of an SSL error message are now displayed in red.

A user reported that the cache was not being deleted on their device on Clear and Exit. It turns out LineageOS created a custom WebView and did something to break its ability to clear the cache. Clear and Exit now requests that WebView clear its cache and then follows up by manually deleting the cache directory.

A 25% font zoom option was added. A bug was fixed that caused proxying through Orbot to not remove the “Connecting to Orbot” message if the homepage was blank. Torch was removed as a suggested Tor search engine because it doesn’t support HTTPS. A bug was fixed that caused both the Find on Page search bar and the URL bar to be displayed if the Find on Page search bar was displayed during a resume of Privacy Browser.

Privacy Browser now displays the Orbot version (if installed) and the APK package signature in About, Version.

The privacy policy has been updated to revision 1.4.

A Domain Settings tab was added to the Guide.

The list of ad servers from has been updated. An updated Italian translation was provided by Francesco Buratti and an updated Spanish translation was provided by Jose A. León.

The next release of Privacy Browser will likely address problems rendering on some pages, an option to disable downloading of images on webpages, and a dark theme option.

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