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  • 2021 Security and Privacy Canary

    Backdoors During 2021, Stoutner received 0 requests from governments or organizations to insert backdoors into Privacy Browser. During 2021, Stoutner inserted 0 backdoors into Privacy Browser. Privacy During 2021, Stoutner received 0 requests from governments or organizations to weaken the privacy of Privacy Browser. During 2021, Stoutner has made 0 changes to weaken the privacy […]

  • Discontinuation of Privacy Browser Free

    For a long time I have considered removing the free flavor of Privacy Browser. I originally created it because I assumed that some people would like to try out the features of Privacy Browser before making a purchase. And some people have used it in that way. But, over time, I have become increasingly uncomfortable […]

  • Privacy Browser 3.9

    Privacy Browser 3.9 has been released. The major change is that the save dialogs have been simplified. Privacy Browser previously had the ability to modify both the URL to be downloaded and the full file path in the save dialog. But with the switch to scoped storage and the Storage Access Framework in version 3.7, […]

  • How to Proxy DNS Requests through Orbot

    I recently received an email from a user asking a question about DNS and Tor which prompted me to think that a blog post on this topic would be helpful to users. The email was concerned that DNS requests were not being proxied through Tor even when Privacy Browser was set to use Tor to […]

  • Switching from Startpage to Mojeek

    Edit: After I published this post, Mojeek contacted me and pointed out that they do have a public monetization plan, which I had somehow not come across when doing my research about them. The text of their plan fully satisfies the concerns I listed below, including addressing what I consider appropriate advertising. So, assuming they […]

  • Privacy Browser 3.8.1

    Privacy Browser 3.8.1 has been released. It removes Startpage from the list of search engines and changes the default search engine and homepage to Mojeek. This is a significant enough change that I have written a separate post about the details. The order of items in the navigation menu is now inverted when when the […]

  • Privacy Browser PC Roadmap

    Originally I was planning on finishing the 3.x series of Privacy Browser Android before starting work on Privacy Browser for other platforms. However, I feel the need from both my users and myself to speed up development of Privacy Browser for the PC. Accordingly, with the release of Privacy Browser 3.8, I am going to […]

  • Privacy Browser 3.8

    Privacy Browser 3.8 has been released. It includes an oft-requested option to move the app bar to the bottom of the screen. Because of limitations in the standard Android views used to build the user interface, scrolling of the app bar works differently on the bottom of the screen than at the top. As currently […]

  • Standardizing International Pricing

    Privacy Browser costs $1.00 USD on the Amazon AppStore and the Galaxy App Store. In countries that use different currencies, the amount is automatically converted using the current exchange rate. Up until this point, on Google Play I had set the amounts in local currencies to be whatever was the lowest round amount allowed in […]

  • Discontinuing Privacy Browser ROM Integration

    Several years ago I was approached by the the developer of the a custom ROM for the Sony Xperia Z1c about creating a ROM integration file to make it easier to integrate Privacy Browser as the default browser on custom ROMs. I was happy to oblige, and have maintained the Privacy Browser ROM Integration repository […]