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  • Incognito Mode

    Most of the security in Privacy Browser is designed to protect against remote entities compromising your privacy. Incognito Mode is designed to protect against a different threat: a malicious actor gaining unlocked access to your physical device. For example, consider the situation of a human rights worker arrested by the police under a repressive regime. […]

  • Search Engine Syntax

    Privacy Browser has the ability for the user to select a custom search engine. The purpose of this page is to explain the search engine URL syntax. Privacy Browser expects to be able to append a search term to the search custom URL. What this URL looks like varies based on the search engine, but […]

  • Privacy Browser 3.10.1

    Privacy Browser 3.10.1 has been released. It fixes a bug that caused the Import/Export activity to crash on start because it was looking for a TextView that no longer existed which explained encryption limitations on Android KitKat. Another bug was fixed that prevented custom user agents from working correctly because the number of user agents […]

  • Privacy Browser 3.10

    Privacy Browser 3.10 has been released. This is the first release since the discontinuation of the free flavor, which was described in depth in a separate blog post. The minimum API has been bumped to 23 (Android 6.0, Marshmallow). This was because Google stopped releasing security updates for Android System WebView on devices older than […]

  • Updated Git URL for Privacy Browser Android

    Due to the addition of the Privacy Browser PC Git repository, the Privacy Browser Android repository is being renamed to include the word Android. The new GitWeb URL is;a=summary. For those who have cloned the repository, they will need to update the origin to be

  • 2021 Security and Privacy Canary

    Backdoors During 2021, Stoutner received 0 requests from governments or organizations to insert backdoors into Privacy Browser. During 2021, Stoutner inserted 0 backdoors into Privacy Browser. Privacy During 2021, Stoutner received 0 requests from governments or organizations to weaken the privacy of Privacy Browser. During 2021, Stoutner has made 0 changes to weaken the privacy […]

  • Discontinuation of Privacy Browser Free

    For a long time I have considered removing the free flavor of Privacy Browser. I originally created it because I assumed that some people would like to try out the features of Privacy Browser before making a purchase. And some people have used it in that way. But, over time, I have become increasingly uncomfortable […]

  • Privacy Browser 3.9

    Privacy Browser 3.9 has been released. The major change is that the save dialogs have been simplified. Privacy Browser previously had the ability to modify both the URL to be downloaded and the full file path in the save dialog. But with the switch to scoped storage and the Storage Access Framework in version 3.7, […]

  • How to Proxy DNS Requests through Orbot

    I recently received an email from a user asking a question about DNS and Tor which prompted me to think that a blog post on this topic would be helpful to users. The email was concerned that DNS requests were not being proxied through Tor even when Privacy Browser was set to use Tor to […]

  • Switching from Startpage to Mojeek

    Edit: After I published this post, Mojeek contacted me and pointed out that they do have a public monetization plan, which I had somehow not come across when doing my research about them. The text of their plan fully satisfies the concerns I listed below, including addressing what I consider appropriate advertising. So, assuming they […]