Principal Developer

Privacy Browser is primarily developed by Soren Stoutner.


Thomas Jensen
Hendrik Knackstedt


Thiago Nazareno Conceição Silva de Jesus: Brazilian Portuguese
Kévin LE FLOHIC: French
Bernhard G. Keller: German
Francesco Buratti: Italian
Jose A. León: Spanish

Past Translators

Stefan Erhardt: German
Aaron Gerlach: German

All contributors must sign a code submission agreement assigning copyright to Soren Stoutner.

Code submission agreements are recommended by the Free Software Foundation. The text of the code submission agreement is a modified version of an example provided by Richard Stallman.

4 replies on “Contributors”

Will you have a save as pdf function in your next update? I save a lot of webpages for offline reading and it takes 4 clicks and a name file label, to print a webpage as a pdf. Normally it takes 2 clicks in other browsers.

The place to submit feature requests is at However, regarding this specific question, some browsers incorporate a PDF generators into their code. The down side to doing so is that it increases the attack surface of the browser and adds one more potential avenue for exploitation. As such, is not something I would likely consider adding to Privacy Browser. I have written extensively about this topic at If at some point the Android operating system were to add native convert to PDF functionality that were accessible to an app with one click I would incorporate it without reservation. Until then, that OS functionality can only be accessed through the four click method you mentioned.

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