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UltraPrivacy is a blocklist based on the Adblock syntax maintained by Stoutner to augment EasyPrivacy. The maintainers of EasyPrivacy have a policy of not blocking known tracking elements when doing so breaks a large number of websites—what they call consistently problematic filters. I can understand where they are coming from on this as they want things to just work. However, with Privacy Browser, I am starting with a fundamentally different philosophy, where I want users to have as much privacy and control as possible. The purpose of UltraPrivacy is to block the known trackers that EasyPrivacy doesn’t. Users of Privacy Browser can disable it in Domain Settings if it is problematic for a domain they wish to use.

Because UltraPrivacy only blocks trackers that EasyPrivacy doesn’t, it should be used in conjunction with EasyPrivacy.  By itself it won’t accomplish much.

Recommendations for changes to UltraPrivacy can be made on the forums or via the issue tracker. The source is available at UltraPrivacy can be added to any system that understands the Adblock syntax using the following URL:;a=blob_plain;f=ultraprivacy.txt

The repository can be cloned using the following syntax:

git clone

UltraPrivacy is released under the GPLv3+ license.

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