Searx is a nice search platform. But, unfortunately, the default image preferences do not enable SafeSearch and use some sources that return heavily pornographic images for almost any term. You can change the image settings using a cookie. ( also offers to let you modify these settings by using a custom URL, but the problem with that method is that as soon as you make any changes, like searching for a new term or switching from General to Images, the custom settings are lost.)

You can use the following steps to change’s search preferences.

  1. Disable clearing cookies in settings. This prevents the cookie from being cleared when selecting Clear and Exit.
  2. Create a domain entry that enables cookies for
  3. Use’s preferences to change the default image settings. Set SafeSearch to Strict. Remove DeviantArt, 500px, Flickr, and Qwant Images from the image source list. (Also, make sure you select the interface language. Otherwise, it might default to something you can’t read.)

I have made a request to the developer of Searx (who also hosts to change the default image search options. Hopefully he will implement the change at some point in the future. Using DuckDuckGo’s image search is also a viable option.